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Terms & Conditions for
any poetry, poems
or any other requested


From this point forward Mandy In Mode will be abbreviated as MIM. You/your meaning a customer / client of MIM.

1. All work remains the property of MIM until paid for in full and all funds are cleared.

2. MIM holds the copyright on any work created. regardless of condition 1.

3. Duplication in any way shape or form of any work created by MIM is strictly forbidden without prior consent from MIM or one if it's representatives regardless of condition 1.

4. Once you have proof read your requested work and it is agreed for finalisation, MIM cannot and will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions and corrections may carry an additional cost to you.

5. Any discounts / promotions are held at the discretion of MIM and it will be made clear at the time of order whether your requested work will be eligible for discounts.

6. MIM may from time to time use selected verses from previous work for promotion or example either on or off this website without prior notice.

7. These terms and conditions may change without written warning as seen fit by MIM.

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